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Thane was able to fire a few shots as the cargo bay doors passed a reaper ship. It felt good to be shooting at something, even if it didn’t seem to be doing much damage.

Joker was evading almost everything the Reapers fired at him, almost. Every once and a while the whole ship would jostle, and he was hard pressed to keep his current target locked.

The ship shook again. Hard. Thane was thrown out of the seat and into all manner of buttons on his right. The hammerhead vibrated underneath him. well, this cannot be good…

The whole hammerhead began to hum as it began to turn on. Thane looked out the window of it, and saw the floor falling away from him. Then he looked forward again, just in time to see the hangar doors go by.

He was flying the hammerhead. In Reaper-infested space. In the middle of a battle. 

Well, he wanted to do something useful. Unfortunately, he was a bit out of practice with regards to flying in a battle scenario. No time like the present for a refresher course. He thought.

Thane buckled himself in, and began to quickly check the systems, pre-flight, and post-flight, as the hammerhead reached battle speed.

He said a quick prayer, and began to engage.

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