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Shepard told him to get into the elevator, and he let out a breath that he didn’t remember holding. She was, indeed going to let him be useful.

At the cargo bay, he got out of the elevator, and wished the commander and her party luck in her boarding.They’ll need all they can get.The reapers were the most formidable opponent imaginable, and if they failed, then the galaxy was doomed. This team was the only hope that life could ever hope for, all that stood between sentient life, and it’s annihilation, and precious few of the galaxy believed what they were saying.People will believe anything, as long as it is something they want to believe, or are afraid might be, he remembered one of his trainers teaching him.

He climbed into the hammerhead, let everyone know that he was in position, and waited for a good shot.

Here was where the fun began.

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