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Thane felt the ship lurch as they shot through the mass effect relay, followed shortly thereafter by something that was most definitely not supposed to happen. The whole of the ship began to shift in evasive maneuvers, and he knew the battle had been engaged. He felt rather useless because there was little he could do from the ship, and his sniper rifle was all but useless in the close quarters of a ship. 

When he heard the orders from Shepard regarding boarding orders, he knew that he would be just as useless there. 

There was nothing he could do. He could not help anyone. 

He was useless.

Unless, Kasumi and Grunt had been in the cargo bay shooting from the Hammerhead. Perhaps…

"Shepard," he called over the com, "Would you prefer to have someone in the hammerhead? I can take over for Kasumi and Grunt while you board. Or would you rather have me standing here waiting and doing nothing useful." He tried to sound monotonous, but his wording came out more bitter than he intended. He waited for a response, but headed towards the elevator anyway. There was no great reason why Shepard would deny the request. Certainly she would rather have everyone doing something, than waiting around for an unforeseeable event that it would be too late to stop once set in motion. 

He got to the elevator and waited for a response.

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