October 18, 2011   4 notes


       It was time once again. Thane had sent Kasumi a message saying that the hunt was on, and he was ready. After the news of the Reapers and Cerberus, Thane assumed that it would be a good idea to both blow off some of the stress, and practice their skills for him and Kasumi to once again play an expert version of the Earth games Hide and Seek, and Chase. The rules were that the one hiding must not be tagged by the one seeking. On the ground, there were more rules for boundaries, but on the Normandy, anywhere unlocked was fair game, as were all tech and Biotic powers, provided no one was hurt.

       He needed the exercise anyway to keep himself as healthy as possible for as long as possible. The Galaxy was not yet safe, so his work was still unfinished. He refused to die with loose ends. It was never his way.

       He slid deeper into the shadow on the engineering deck, when suddenly he had an idea. Joker would be wanting his hat back. Thane smiled to himself. Another challenge to the game. Retrieve Joker’s hat, while remaining uncaught by Kasumi. This already shaping up to be a very good game.

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