Thane Krios

Feb 10


Thane was able to fire a few shots as the cargo bay doors passed a reaper ship. It felt good to be shooting at something, even if it didn’t seem to be doing much damage.

Joker was evading almost everything the Reapers fired at him, almost. Every once and a while the whole ship would jostle, and he was hard pressed to keep his current target locked.

The ship shook again. Hard. Thane was thrown out of the seat and into all manner of buttons on his right. The hammerhead vibrated underneath him. well, this cannot be good…

The whole hammerhead began to hum as it began to turn on. Thane looked out the window of it, and saw the floor falling away from him. Then he looked forward again, just in time to see the hangar doors go by.

He was flying the hammerhead. In Reaper-infested space. In the middle of a battle. 

Well, he wanted to do something useful. Unfortunately, he was a bit out of practice with regards to flying in a battle scenario. No time like the present for a refresher course. He thought.

Thane buckled himself in, and began to quickly check the systems, pre-flight, and post-flight, as the hammerhead reached battle speed.

He said a quick prayer, and began to engage.

Jan 31


Shepard told him to get into the elevator, and he let out a breath that he didn’t remember holding. She was, indeed going to let him be useful.

At the cargo bay, he got out of the elevator, and wished the commander and her party luck in her boarding.They’ll need all they can get.The reapers were the most formidable opponent imaginable, and if they failed, then the galaxy was doomed. This team was the only hope that life could ever hope for, all that stood between sentient life, and it’s annihilation, and precious few of the galaxy believed what they were saying.People will believe anything, as long as it is something they want to believe, or are afraid might be, he remembered one of his trainers teaching him.

He climbed into the hammerhead, let everyone know that he was in position, and waited for a good shot.

Here was where the fun began.

Jan 28


Jan 21


Thane felt the ship lurch as they shot through the mass effect relay, followed shortly thereafter by something that was most definitely not supposed to happen. The whole of the ship began to shift in evasive maneuvers, and he knew the battle had been engaged. He felt rather useless because there was little he could do from the ship, and his sniper rifle was all but useless in the close quarters of a ship. 

When he heard the orders from Shepard regarding boarding orders, he knew that he would be just as useless there. 

There was nothing he could do. He could not help anyone. 

He was useless.

Unless, Kasumi and Grunt had been in the cargo bay shooting from the Hammerhead. Perhaps…

"Shepard," he called over the com, "Would you prefer to have someone in the hammerhead? I can take over for Kasumi and Grunt while you board. Or would you rather have me standing here waiting and doing nothing useful." He tried to sound monotonous, but his wording came out more bitter than he intended. He waited for a response, but headed towards the elevator anyway. There was no great reason why Shepard would deny the request. Certainly she would rather have everyone doing something, than waiting around for an unforeseeable event that it would be too late to stop once set in motion. 

He got to the elevator and waited for a response.

Jan 13


Shepard’s voice came in over the intercom, letting everyone know what was to come. Thane smiled at the sincere determination in her voice, and let it inspire him. He had no reason to fear. His time to be given to the ocean was close, and so he would fight. The least he could do is go down fighting, just as he had wanted at the first. 

Thane gathered his things as he prayed for stealth, strength, and precision in the upcoming battles. When he had checked to make sure all was well with his sniper rifle, pistol, armor and shields, he headed to the elevator to find somewhere he could be useful while they waited and ready to start firing at the slightest sign of boarding. 

The time was nearly upon them, and he could only hope that they were ready.

Dec 02

You don't want to be my enemy.: averyillusiveman: Nellis fully expected to be greeted by a heavily... -



Nellis fully expected to be greeted by a heavily armed squad, guns pointed at him. Instead, much to his surprise, he was met by the apparently happy Commander Shepard. He tossed aside the spent fire extinguisher and shook the Commander’s outstretched hand. “You just may…

Zaeed scowled, fighting the urge to slam his fist into a wall.  Shepard’s blind tolerance of Cerberus and the Illusive Man was going to get all of them into trouble, he knew it.  Maybe she could stay loftily focused on the greater good, but he knew people like the Illusive Man.  If in her quest for the greater good, she gave him a shot at her kidneys, he’d goddamn take it without thinking twice.  Guzman sidled up next to him.  ”I like her.  She’s tiny, but fierce,” he said, showing Zaeed a clenched fist to emphasize his point.  ”I bet she is absolutely a tiger in the sack.  I can’t-” Zaeed slapped him in the back of the head, probably harder than was strictly necessary.  ”Shut up JC.”  The two of them headed for the elevator, Guzman rubbing at where Zaeed had hit him.  

As they waited, Zaeed turned to Guzman.  ”Give me your omnitool.”  Guzman handed it over, and Zaeed programmed in the access codes for the Normandy’s security cameras.  ”Keep an eye on Shepard,” Zaeed grunted, handing the omnitool back to his fellow merc.  ”And on that new bastard as well.”  The two of them headed back to the cargo bay, where Thane still sat, slouched, in a corner of the room.  Zaeed, frustrated, tossed his rifle down and sat heavily on a crate.  ”Where the hell are Vakarian and Legion?”

Thane was sitting watching everything happen from his vantage point in the corner. He nodded as Zaeed and another smaller human entered. Thane had never seen the other human before, and was instantly cautious. He stayed where he was seated, waiting for the rest of those participating in the sniper practice to arrive.

He watched as the Cerberus Operative piloted his way towards the ship with a fire extinguisher. Noting the fact that he knew basic physics under trying circumstances, Thane continued to watch.

He saw Commander Shepard come into the docking bay To greet the Cerberus, and heard the name Nellis tossed around a couple of times. He watched as Zaeed took Shepard aside and explained what he thought was best to do with the new arrival.

He saw Shepard’s biotics begin to flare, and Thane tensed, ready to keep anyone from coming to harm. They needed everyone in the crew, and more besides, to be able to fight at any moment, but not each other. He was not worried that Shepard would start fighting, as she had not gotten to the position she was in by needlessly losing her temper. 

He watched as she returned to Nellis, and led him away, to the medbay, presumably. No one gets out of an exploding spacecraft without some severe bruises. 

He saw Zaeed and the smaller human talking, and Zaeed reprogramming something on the smaller human’s omnitool. When Zaeed came over and asked where the other snipers were, Thane responded with a shrug.

He was not impatient. He was one that made a living off of waiting and watching for the best time to strike. He was content to sit and wait a while longer. 

"Impatience will solve nothing, Massani. Let us wait for a while longer, and if they do not arrive, we can start without them. They could always join us after we have started, yes?"

Nov 27


Thane was hidden well. He could see Kasumi cloaked in the far edge of his vision. (having had his vision altered on Kahje allowed him to see ultraviolet light, which Kasumi’s cloaking device didn’t hide.) As he watched the purple tinted thief, he noted that she did indeed have Joker’s hat. Unfortunately, there was also no point in her searching where Thane was guaranteed to acquire it. So he let her wander in search of him. 

Next, Kasumi left the Cargo bay area altogether. Apparently to find him elsewhere. This was where Thane spring into action, keeping himself as quiet as a shadow. Shortly after he started moving to follow Kasumi, his omnitool caught his attention with a message from Kasumi. It said that she was feeling something off, and the two of them would have to finish this some other time. 

Though Thane would have preferred to continue the battle of sneaking and wits, he respected that Kasumi may be unwilling to partake in the fun and games whilst under so much stress. Thane sent her a short message saying that he understood, and that next time, the prize would still be the hat.

At that point, Thane decided to go and preoccupy himself in his room, likely with meditation, and perhaps a message to his son. However, as he was in the elevator, he received a message from Legion on his omnitool, offering another battle of honing skills. This time with regards to sniping.

Thane re-read the message. Zaeed and Garrus were also invited. Of the three, Legion presented the biggest challenge, with his mechanical precision, speed and greater lack for potential error versus himself and the other two who, while good, were not machines. 

Thane was looking forward to some sort of honing of his skills, and this seemed as good a chance as any. He sent Legion a message saying that he would be waiting in the cargo hold for them, and proceeded there himself. 

Once he had retrieved his sniper gun, his specialized HMWSR that had an interesting story as to how he had acquired it. When he got back to the cargo hold, Thane sat in a corner, and waited for the others to arrive. 

Nov 13



after many days and nights of rehearsal and whatnot and schoolwork, I will be back in force within the week. I apologize to Kasumi for this drastically long wait regarding our game of Hide and Seek, but no longer. I’m coming for that hat. 0_0 (watching you)

See you all again really soon.


Oct 19

Oct 18


       It was time once again. Thane had sent Kasumi a message saying that the hunt was on, and he was ready. After the news of the Reapers and Cerberus, Thane assumed that it would be a good idea to both blow off some of the stress, and practice their skills for him and Kasumi to once again play an expert version of the Earth games Hide and Seek, and Chase. The rules were that the one hiding must not be tagged by the one seeking. On the ground, there were more rules for boundaries, but on the Normandy, anywhere unlocked was fair game, as were all tech and Biotic powers, provided no one was hurt.

       He needed the exercise anyway to keep himself as healthy as possible for as long as possible. The Galaxy was not yet safe, so his work was still unfinished. He refused to die with loose ends. It was never his way.

       He slid deeper into the shadow on the engineering deck, when suddenly he had an idea. Joker would be wanting his hat back. Thane smiled to himself. Another challenge to the game. Retrieve Joker’s hat, while remaining uncaught by Kasumi. This already shaping up to be a very good game.